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Advent Day 15

A simple day of reporting here, but if you are in the Meva group, these very pretty earrings can be yours. They are HUGE out of the box and need to be resized, but once that is completed they are lovely.    I will zip over there later to pick mine up.

Also, the Cosmopolitan Tree begins today. Socks stay on the tree until the end of the year or close to it, so there is no real reason to head over each and every day. I suggest blocking the socks you have taken as it can get very confusing. 

Yasum has more in the furniture set (not mod and pretty big but lovely if YOU are also large :D), and Lybra has another piece of the bedroom set. No gift for guys in the Deadly Skin box today and lots of BOM items.

Some gifts weren't out yet even though we were late today. 

Update:  Artisan Fantasy has a super cute tree group with sheet music design.

SLURL list is here:


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