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Very Merry Vanity

Amidst Advent gathering, sales, shopping and waiting for those new Linden Homes to appear (looking like Patch's remark about "thousands" wasn't a joke), there are plenty of events to visit.

While neither Sami or I were all that thrilled with the newish black venue look at Vanity, the shopping was easy. As a bonus most every booth has a present. There are lots of very nice poses (some couples), makeup and tattoos and the usual suspects. Along there way there are a few wearables. Here are some highlights.

Up top:  Candy Kitten Alex dress, an all in one outfit with tied shirt topper. VERY CUTE!!!  So far this is Sami's favorite gift of the year -- and she DOES look smashing!

Peekaboo - Xmas Ball Holding which calls a hold pose. Use with any P3 pose. A bonus, this comes color change abilities for the ball!

A beautifully made summer tank dress from AVALE, Gina -- perfect for those living "down under" and of course anyone hanging out on the beach this holiday season. Lovely detailing.

Look At Me. Cristal : Shoes - red  with chunky heals for all that walking during shopping expeditions!

A fun and youthful mini or tank, the *Diamond dress  from Little Diamond has some cute extras in the trim area.

The Amisar  Heidi.Dress.OMBRE (also is solid black) makes more of a New Year's statement  -- in my book anyway.  Definitely sophisticated.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, we have a big set of mix and match (all black with white themed) from Scandalize -- the Khaila collection.

And you don't want to miss out on this darling snowman from Your Dreams.

Poses by: LAP


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