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Second Life Hop and Shop Winter 2019 Highlights

With my brand missing from the event this round (hence no leisurely gathering of goodies :D) Sami took the lead and battled the hoards as the sims opened. Actually since she was watching the map she could see the first one that DID open (five minutes early) and headed there. Smart gal. (She is much older than I, LOL -- but I am pretty smart too.)

She made it through two very laggy -- even when flying -- regions to get logged out in the third. So here are reports on Gilded and Golden.  Another post will be upcoming but it may be after the traffic clears a bit.  As always dress lightly or in full alpha, derender everyone in your vicinity and CLICK CAREFULLY.

Most gifts are in official boxes this year which makes things easier for everyone.  There are some new shops in the mix as well as old favorites. In these two sims Sami didn't find much for the guys so that isn't a good sign for the Y chromosome group.

Here are some highlights.

Up top.

And from {le fil casse}the  Macy Dress

Lunar - Nini Top (Maitreya) - Pink Mix :3

EVANI - ANITA sweater

PrettyDeceased Scherry set

Candy Kitten Forever Yours Dress with multi texture hud

In the home and garden arena we give you:

Madras HotNut set

.peaches. Festival of Lights Menorah - 1LI (deco with flame)


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