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12 Days - eBento and more

The twelve day calendars have started. Along with altamura which Sami and I are both a part of already (paid group) we will be covering the eBento Event gifts (free group).  Now to be honest we haven't found too many things to our liking in years past, but today's gifts were super nice --- so a great start and we hope there will be more to share! 

Each day gives more than one gift and in today's (the 12th) pack there were so oh so cute Christmas trees in a very inventive style.  Very good LODs, these could go outside as well as inside. Imma gonna pick me up some :D.

Also a very nice back tattoo, some black drop earrings and --- if you don't have one already, a snowman.

Sami went over this morning and didn't find the calendar days which in times past were in the sky and in order. Well; things have changed. But a second trip proved rewarding.   So look for big signs around the path of the event -- and you will want to cam and teleport (quickest) to get to the spot of the day. Numbers are NOT in order :D.

In the 12 days camp, Day 12 (they come out later in the day but stay so no real need to hurry) from altamura is a 500 gift card. Pretty nice!  There are also specials at the eBento event. Not sure if the gift card works there, but you might check.

Sami did the rounds of the 12 Day calendars this eve and I have updated the list of our "favs".   A new place which offers gifts for both men and women as well as (according to their poster) home and garden items (as in plants perhaps?) is Darkwater Designs and Dark Knight Decor.  

This is the gals gift for day one. A similar outfit is out for men.

Advent calendar and twelve day list is here:


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