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Belli Victorians - Come and Getum

The Victorians went online around 11 am (I was still tubbing and one sim was gone at  11:09 or so). This just a short while after we were allowed to take a peak with the missing regions being replaced.

You can refresh the page ten times per minute.  While my friend was trying for hers, all types of abodes were available so now is a great time to find your perfect spot.

The mega release so far is for the Victorians only, but since folks are abandoning other styles are available from time to time.  I have to say that some of the inland areas are pretty boring with little flora, park or water features. So a lot of "throw back" seems to be going on as in small clusters of folks standing in the street after abandoning and waiting to snag their next option :D.

Good luck all. There are LOTS of plots to be had so hopefully you will find your perfect spot.


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