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Advent at Scandalize

With so VERY much going on this month we were bound to miss something (OK a few somethings).  Looking through group messages, Sami found that Scandalize had an Advent Tree. Well GEE!!! 

Already a member in long standing she hopped over and found today's gift.  This is probably one of the best clothings groups around -- especially if you like past gifts still available and lucky boards that change often.   It is a paid group so we probably won't be showing a lot from there, but it would be very remiss NOT to mention.

More great gathering tips coming tomorrow --

EDIT: This is my SECOND edit. Another Scandalized member found that EACH gift under the tree is a separate gift and that you can click on each one any day.  It IS very laggy there as you might imagine so easy to see how the confusion happened.  Sorry for the misinformation!

Pose by: the bench


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