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The New Linden Victorians

The Hardy

Thanks to a few photos from Patch, the SSP crew (Super Secret Project) "knew" that the new Linden Home theme would be Victorian.  Not too much gingerbread, so a Southern Country Victorian look.  And indeed there are new weeping willow trees amidst some gorgeous new plants.

The grounds at the display sim are lush with flora and parks areas add a sense of community.  Note that if the sim is full (35 as I update this) you will end up far away and in the water.  HMMMMM. 

Four styles are displayed on the beautifully landscaped sim.  Obviously not a typical Bellissera area to be, there is certainly ambiance and beauty.

I found the Hardy (top photo) to be the easiest to navigate (even with view resets) but all the styles would be fun to decorate -- one of the top activities in Belli.

Here are the other models.

The Shelley

The Doyle

The Verne

The new homes have interior walls that can be changed for color.  I don't see a big need for add-ons with these models; they are well appointed as is. So some flowers in the yard and lots of prims for decorating inside.   

A great job from the Moles!