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Those Advent Calendars

Dench Designs and Entice
Updated Dec 12 with 12 Day links

Things went from boring to busy as the calendar turned a page into December.
Sami was out early in the wee hours of the morn checking calendars. Not surprisingly a lot of them weren't working -- some still are not. But another day brings the beginning of the "work week" and hopefully all will be well soon.

Following Ryan's lead I am going to tell you Sami's picks (and mine) that we will be following this Advent season.

7 Deadly s[K]ins --- if you aren't in the group already there is a VERY hefty fee, but keep on the lookout for next year. Pay the board  (with tag active) 1 linden and get it returned.

Simply Shelby - Home and Garden.

WellMade - Free group needed.  The board info says it is only available for a few hours each day but that appears to be incorrect (a good thing).

LYBRA -- Currently the gift are set at $0 to buy. Some list have this as group only so that may change? Hard to say. Early on Day 2 item 2 not available.

Pomegranate -  Home and Garden  - manual gift by tree. Past gifts seem to be staying.

Sway's  -  Star hunt and hud needed to claim gifts each day.

Yasum - free group needed -take the teleporter to the snowy gift area.  Baboom has a calender right next to the Yasum calendar.

Entice - free group needed.  Easier than previous years, you simply click the pretty holiday display to get your gift. Demos and gift pictures are displayed.

NYNE -  traditional wall calendar.

MEVA - (pay group) Pink Christmas balls on wall one per day that day only

SCANDALIZE (pay group) New gift each day under tree - gifts stay

12 Days

altamura (pay group) with gifts for male and female from the 11th

eBento event (free group) numbered day signs along the path from the 11th

Artisan Fantasy  (free group)  Tree shaped sign near landing point starts the 14th. Items are available after the release day.

Celestinas Weddings (free group) packages near landing point on the floor. Free first day. From the 10th

Cosmopolitan Annual Tree - (free group) inside front doors. I suggest blacklisting gifts after you get them as more are added each day and it is VERY confusing :D.  From the 15th

Dark Water Designs and Dark Knight Decor - buy for $0 boxs out front of store (kind of hard to find on day one :D)

for roleplay folks (we won't be covering) you might want to check out Rose Your Life with sheilds and swords and other goodies (click the prim tree with presents).


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