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Bring in the Clowns

Hallow Manor opens today.  I got in early with a group pass and enjoyed the peaceful shopping.    

My favorite?  I bet you can guess.

[POUT!] Fun House Clown - White Paint + Blood (Genus)
 - also for Catwa and Lelutka in the pack

There are some strikingly creative things to be found at this venue -- most near the entrance. I was impressed! 

There is also a hunt going on. This is an all or nothing HUD hunt with some nice prizes (some where shown in the booths along the way).  The hunting area -- a full sim) is nicely styled and a great place for photo ops (not counting lag which will likely be very apparent at first).  Prices for the hunt range from 50 lindens for the hud to 5000 lindens to simply buy it all.

I tried the hunt.  Those of you in the Twisted Hunts camp will likely do well, but it is HARD. The keys you need to find "move" (apparently turn on and off) every six hours. I was there a least a half an hour and only found three (one with help). SO my suggestion would be to go to the hunt area and see if you can FIND any keys and if it is easy for you THEN buy the hud :D. 

I should also mention that I ran into a hunt tester for a very popular pay to hunt group.  Not long after exited the sim he sent an IM saying he was leaving, it was just too hard and not worth it. So apparently not my less than stellar hunting skills. 

Baiastice_Bia Collar-Black-rigged
{Letituier} Samba Hair

Pose by: Helamiyo and Maitreya hand poses


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