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Trick or Treat Lane Gifts

Need a fun and festive shopping escape? Trick or Treat Lane is worth a visit.  It is much like going back to shopping a decade ago when decorating was as much a part of the event as the goods being sold OR those being given away. 

The shops are darling and fanciful and photo op spots abound. I wandered and enjoyed.    

Each shop has a gift and a poster of the gift (thanks so much) so you can pick up what will work for you; no mystery. There are lots of nicely made holiday props, decor and and wearables to purchase -- mostly for gals.   


zOOm - Sweater  
- ELEMENTAL - 'Tidal Pool' Earring - Rose Gold

Raindale - Trick or Treat gift 2020 (gravestone and pumpkins prop)

.Viki. - Maitreya - Faith - GIFT
CELESTE - Spiked Earrings  - Purple  (Also in green)

Hair by Truth and no.match

Poses by: Eternal Dream, Torridwear, LAP, SEMotion


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