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Chelsea - New FREE Head from Logo

There's a new free mesh head in town, Chelsea. There is one for the guys too and he looks quite handsome.   As you can imagine the sim has been packed.  It takes some time and some trickery  -- at least in these first days -- to garner these lovely gifts. I have some tips and a brief review for you.

First off there are at least three Logo groups.  You need to be in this one :D.

The sim has been full for two days now. If you go to the regular Logo store you will find posters of the gift that give you a landmark to the  anniversary store up at 800 meters.  You could then fly up there but your could also just teleport to the neighboring sim at that height.   From THERE you can fly over.  It might take a few tries but I got in easily that way twice.  All efforts to purchase from the neighboring sim failed for me, but you certainly could cam over and give that a try.

You don't need to be inside the building to buy, but you do need to make sure your CORRECT Logo group tag is on. Then purchase. Once I had the correct tag on and was in the same sim, my purchase went through speedily.  Your dollar will be refunded.  

Not being a head aficionado, I was fairly confused with the giant pack of goodness (some were demo skins but still lots of parts).  The instructions said to start with the shape provided and in general I agree with that. But while my head and huds experience is limited, I DO have plenty of practice making heads.  I took off my Genus head, cringed at the deformed system avatar and added the new Logo head.  It fit pretty well really.  I could see that the head needed to stretch from front to back so that the teeth wouldn't come though a bit by the nose, but it was a very good start. 

I played a bit more with the head shape and found something that felt very "me". I like this head in many ways.  The default eyelashes are small (a plus for me) and it seems like a more friendly face than my previous choice. I used the same skin and makeup on both heads. 

I had a difficult time getting the head to fit to the body. There are two different heads in the pack. I made sure I had my body fat at a matching Maitreya number ("5" in this case) and used the newest 5.3 body version which has changes in the way the neck fits with the body.  It still isn't perfect but is comparable to the fit and look of the Genus head.   I don't love the default eyes but they are OK for now. I will see if I can get my mesh eyes to fit and work well with this head. The eye MOVEMENT is very good.  

It appears from the instructions that this head is more complex than some others with extra layers and a hud to purchase for add-ons etc.  Now that I understand BOM better (it was a learning curve for sure) I plan to use that system instead of appliers.  I like the idea that you can see what you are wearing and not have to guess what applier you used in your current styling.  So for me, this basic model will work just fine. 

Beware that one of the animation huds gave nothing but scripting errors for me and another didn't seem to work.  Part of that could certainly be my lack of experience (I seldom have head animations on) but the script errors were errors and will likely be fixed in the future. 

Those are my tips. Have fun on your gathering adventure.  


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