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A Jericho Fall

The days are getting shorter -- and cooler -- for many of us. Time for sweaters and jackets and brisk mornings with hints of the dampness to come. 

A middle of the night shopping spree at Uber and accessory shopping has me in new attire and even a new skin which I dearly love.  I don't switch skins often, sometimes wearing the same style for years. But I was never quite happy with my latest purchase and so when I see something that looks like it "could" be me, I definitely want to try. I am also firmly in the Bakes On Mesh camp as I like to be able to see what layers I am wearing and not have to make notes or guess.   

Both outfit and skin hale from the newly opened and still very crowded Uber

Skin: Insol: face Ester, tone 'Tanned' Genus /fair brows (tattoo layer from the event; the pack has many more choices than the demo indicates and that is super great for me). 

Matching body (choices of cleavage) Insol: Maitreya body, tone 'Tanned' / Slim / PETITE

Outfit (all in one): =Zenith= Annalise Knit Dress (G) Maitreya with a choice of three single combos or a big low priced fatpack.  

Putting together the outfit took more shopping and some closet rustling.

I journeyed over to hive to get the new group gift (mugs) which are very cute. Not as impressive though as my hive // cold brew coffee to go pack which includes left and right holds as well as a rez version. Happily you get to hold the coffee while walking or sitting (many kudos there).   

I should warn you that some adjustments will likely be needed to get the key ring working perfectly for you. To do this, first make a copy and then wearing the cup and key ring choose "edit linked " from the radio button choices. Then you can move the key ring around as needed. Detach and add back to get the new positioning to fit.  If this sounds too hard to manage, they still look great rezzed *wink*.   

Other items in the ensemble include:

::C'est la vie !:: Inda Leggings (#2) - Gray
#EMPIRE - Edelweiss - Maitreya

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.WISH. (cap)

A perfect place for rugged seaside photos is Ghost of Jericho, from The Sim Quarterly. This is a beautifully designed region with plenty of photo opportunities.

Jump on the small boat at the entrance dock to move across the island.

Pose by: Helamiyo, the coffee and Amacci Neck Pose hud


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