After a decade Blogger introduced a new set of templates aimed at readability on all devices. After 5,555 plus posts (I just liked the way those fives came together; there really are many more) I am switching over. Hopefully this will make reading more enjoyable.


Really!  Can you be dangerous in PIINK?   Imma thinking yes.

From {Limerence} at Cosmopolitan -  Betany hair which comes with a texture change hud as well as tinting options. You can hide or show the patch to your liking. 

adorsy - Candy Top 

As an aside -- for those of you that read my quite popular astrology post, I have newly opened a new astrology blog. It is for corporeal life, but we know that behind every avatar there is a typists --- so it is very likely that the energies bleed over into our virtual world. You can find "the star's whisper" here. 

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