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Shop and Hop - Fall

The Linden Shop and Hop is in full swing now.  Often I am there in the background and can gather goodness as it appears. This time though I had to brave the not so massive masses on opening day to bring you my report.

There is good news and not so good news.

Good news first:

There are some very nice gifts to be picked up. And there are some top brands with exceptionally nice goods to purchase from -- at discount prices.

You should be able to get in easily as I journeyed over right after opening and stayed for almost five hours moving between the sims fairly effortlessly.

Many creators had pictures or examples of their gifts so you could decide whether you wanted to pick them up --- or not.

And the not so good news:

(insert smile here)

This is my personal outlook but if you are still reading this blog after way more than a decade I am going to make the assumption that YOUR view of the world, products, style etc are somewhat close to mine.   So here's the deal.

I was terrifically disappointed and uncomfortable with the sim design. It  seem to have nothing to tie it together, no theme at all.  It felt like something someone on a bad acid trip might have put together. (And no, I have no real life experience in that -- just my imagination.).

There seemed to be more than one person working on the build and their styles didn't meld well.   So I spent a lot of time trying NOT to look at the giant spiders than you had to climb over while shopping and the myriad of divergent styles and colors mixed together.  As a long time designer in both worlds the cacophony of visual stimulation enhanced by the individual booth designs made it hurtful to shop. I am not kidding.

About half of the event was comprised of Halloween shops, most seemingly geared toward teenagers. It was very retro in the going back in time in Second Life kind of way.

The lag was bad. I typically run at 64 fps in a fairly busy sim, over 100 up on my building pad. At the event I got down to 5.8 (that I noticed anyway). Textures (way too many) weren't rezzing well so it was indeed difficult to shop. 

On the plus side again, since I was doing the rounds all at one time, I visited a sim at a time and kept all my booty in a folder for that sim. So I can point you in a direction to pick up anything that I liked -- that YOU like.

Here is the skinny on my first outfit (more to come).

-PULSE-BOOtiful Dress  (Aurelian)
Deep Static :: DS :: Autumn Glasses (Frosted)
{what next} {wn} Woodland  Caramel Apple (for women) - hold pose (a big set including a rezzable plate of apples (Frosted)
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Fall Web Fades (Box)

Pose by: Helamiyo and the apple


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