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August Weekend Shopping

It was a strange weekend for shopping -- for me anyway.  Maybe the stars were aligned in a problematic manner. But that doesn't necessarily explain why there were so many  ODD things out this week.  I really only bought one thing for "me". The rest was just for blogging. Here's the story.

Over at Black Sand you can pick up these two versions of  Elle's Closet in one pack.  That's the good news. The bad news is that these weigh in at a THOUSAND triangles (just the one in the foreground with the other at about 3/4 of that)  and have marginal LODs. They are "mod" but only for size and tinting here and there; each version is a single mesh.  Now there was a demo (in theory) of this but the demo sign -- even though there WAS a demo in the contents of the prim, didn't deliver. Touch - wait; touch - wait ...  You get the idea. But  60 lindens -- really. So I bought it to see it and to let you guys know the story.  

Simply put this is either a high land impact (34 and 26 respectably) furniture set for those running at LOD4  with an abundance of "prims" ---  OR a very nice pose prop background for close ups. At LOD 2 and in this photo the set of drawers in the back have changed shape noticeably.   Moving around even a small bedroom would bother me big time with the shape shifting going on.   

A bonus is that if you join the Black Sand group you get 17 percent off the Happy Weekend sales items.  Oh the joy!

It is beautifully made, just not all that appropriate for Second Life. But really  -- a very handy pose prop.

I didn't find anything on the weekend sales in the clothing line; nothing that made my heart pitter patter anyway. So since I wanted to USE the closets as a pose prop I ventured over to  1hundred as I knew there were always many weekly sale items to choose from.   This is the "1 Hundred. Perfect Summer Set . Peach" and matching top (all in one vendor).   

It is very cute and nicely made. It IS however not the color I had planned to buy. This is the second time buying there that I didn't get the color I wanted. I definitely do not like the tiny swatch of super pastel (as in not really the colors of the garments) fabric swatches.   So I guess I learned my lesson there.  

  This is the Nutmeg Summer Balcony set; definitely a bargain.  

Now this is Nutmeg which almost always translates  into a synonym for "heavy mesh".  But while this isn't light by any means, it is lighter than I expected LOL.  And the LODs are reasonable for indoors.   Honestly?  I wanted the rolled rug and would have happily paid the set price just for it. The other items may come in handy though. One never knows.  

The rug is 38K triangles and 9 land impact.  High land impact does not ALWAYS translate into heavy mesh. I've said this before, but here is an example.   The couch is 119K and 9 land impact. 

Now this couch has an issue in the corner under the throw pillow.  That is MY throw pillow and not part of the set.  So look at that corner closely before you buy and see if it is going to distract you.  But you can cover up the oddness with a pillow or some books -- or whatever.  The couch is mod and if you have AVsitter (now free) you can adjust the animations to your liking after you make your coverup decisions.   

Resistance is indeed futile and I installed the FS EEP viewer a couple of days ago. So expect to see some learning curve skies for awhile.  Little by little it will work out.  The Opensim version of FS ALSO has EEP; I definitely didn't get that LOL. Oh well.  No escape.  

Hair: eXxEsS : CUPCAKE

Pose by: SE Motion


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