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Hallway Clutter

The  Lagom - Cramped hallway  comes as a set of four pieces. The main hanger with clothing, the small dresser, the frame with keys and a bowl that holds mail complete the whole.   Beautifully made all that draped fabric leads to some hefty triangle and prim counts, so this isn't for everyone -- but it is definitely cute!

All that you see ENLARGED weighs in at 16 land impact.  At its display size it was too small for my avatar as well as losing its shape at a fairly close distance. But I knew that enlarging it some would solve the LOD issues, and it did. It is also VERY reasonably priced.   It is also mod and smartly designed so that you can tint various parts to go with your home styling.   I used "select face" in the build menu to changed the top to pink and the jacket to blue  coordinating with the print color in the other fabrics. 

Find it at The Liaison Collaborative


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