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Beachfront Living

You don't really need an ocean view to enjoy this Firepit and stool set, a gift from Modulus at the FLF Backyard Birthday Bash event. I had given up on getting in but a friend stopped by and showed off some goodies. Being a pragmatic gal -- and let's admit a little lazy -- I took her save list and picked from it :D.  I did a little shopping too!   

Her estimation was that the Home and Garden folks had really given out some nice items. She didn't keep any clothing -- one hair and one bracelet.  What she can use and what YOU can use will of course vary.  I am super happy with this lovely (color change) firepit though. It looks fantastic in front of my beach abode.   No mod; 11 li as shown.  

By the way, if you are one of those folks with groups maxed out, this is a Buy for $0 gift so no worries there.  


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