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52 Colors - Week 42 Apricot

Another week, another orange.  Well, fewer than in the original list since I am pulling out hair follicles with how close some of these colors are.  But I like the idea of apricot as a color name and I have some super cute jeans to share with you. These came my way on the 2020 Advent and while I mostly kept them because of the color, I find that we are bonding nicely. A surprise, yes!   They are fun and more girlie than I usually dress. My choker is tintable so easily became our orange by any other name of the day; also from last year's Advents.  

There is a story behind my photo op location.  I was thinking this was a pretty beachy outfit and so headed over to a favorite beach of the past. Now I sort of remembered that it may not be there any longer, and that is true. It has been gone awhile now. BUT, in its place there was a clever build with stacked trailers and scaffolding --- and one trailer was ORANGE.   Well I wasn't going to pass up that coincidence.  Nothing in the land tab and no one around; I tread gently and didn't enter any abodes in case they were rentals.   Fun. 


-[ vagrant ]- Lillian Jeans - Maitreya - Orange
NYNE] Moon Collar
N-Uno - Dina Bra // Maitreya

Hair:Stealthic - Clarity 

This is the official path to the challenge.

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