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The Counting of Triangles

I haven't been on vacation.  I HAVE been checking out lots of new releases, group gifts and sale items.  And what do oh so many of them have in common?  An astronomically high mesh triangle count.  

Oh so many pretty things that I couldn't convince myself I wanted because they were simply not made for our platform.  

Happily I found a few well-made items this week -- ones with a reasonable amount of those picky little vertices. Two in fact were already in my inventory and well-used.  

First up -- the [MERAK] - Hanging Rack 

This was a gacha item from awhile back.  I am happy to have a copy version as I have used it often. I am not terrifically happy that my expensive gacha item is no longer that exclusive. So mixed votes from me.   

Next from my personal inventory -- hive // cold brew coffee to go

I took this with me most everywhere last winter. Who drinks cold coffee when it is snowing?  I guess that would be "me". I have to admit it took me a long while to get this fitting around my fingers perfectly. So keep that in mind. 

New to me -- [Fetch] Peg Hooks w/ Tote

This comes with texture changing hud for both the hanging bag and the wooden pegs. There is also a version with no bag in the pack. 

Wearables -- Bamboo. - Qiyana top  comes in a variety of (somewhat odd) colors and has matching shorts. Cute and casual with realistic draping

Hair:  *barberyumyum*P10(03) see yesterday's post

Pose: Helamiyo and Amacci's neck pose hud. 


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