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Engine Room Gifts

As you know if you read the text beside the pretty pictures here, I have been searching for the hiding place of Second Life creativity. Seemingly absent from most venues these days, we see the very same thing over and over again.  True, it is difficult to come up with something "new" after almost two decades of virtual living, but still -- I have been on the lookout. 

And not too surprisingly I found it at The Engine Room.  

While not much of a fantasy gal, I do love steampunk in all its many mini-genres. Most seemed to be represented at this edition of the biannual event.  

I had a wonderful time perusing the displays not long after it opened. It was early in my corner of the globe -- or late depending how you look at things. The sim had been overpacked (in the 60s) for a long while. Amazingly even in its overcrowded state it ran well for me as I shopped "alone" with everyone derendered. 

There are some lovely things here and a good portion of them unisex or for the guys; that's nice to see. And along with all that creative goodness, there are gifts.  Easy to find, they are on pedestals with "click for gift" as the text. See? Easy. 

My personal favorite gift is shown above, the Eudora3D Witch Hunter Hat Black&Red. It comes with an impressive sizing hud and the detailing is gorgeous.    

Two more lovely gifts include:

Wicca's Originals - Engine Room Gift Wickham  (top of hat opens or closed via hud)
lassitude & ennui Wayfinder choker - gold (texture change)

Poet's Heart - Sophie Hat - Fatpack color hud (darks)

kosmii :: Dollars Hat [clint]
Zibska Ori Makeup pack

Poses by: Exposeur and Eternal Dream


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