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Linden 360 Project Viewer

The up and coming SOON (tm)  360 viewer is out for your photo op pleasures. This top graphic is how your upload looks when not active.  Blogger apparently doesn't support this format. 

Easy to use, you basically set your EEP and your general view, open the 360 preview pane (World > 360 Snapshot) and drag around the example pane a bit to fine tune what will appear on your photo.  The default is preview quality  which is fairly blurry.   

If your computer is of the hefty variety (and my new one is) you can preview in maximum.  Either method works of course but be sure and select the correct clarity you want for you finished photo before pressing the "create a 360 photo".    Mine had no black screen or stalls, but that will vary from system to system.  It all went smoothly and did a great job. 

You can derender all avatars with a check in the box of the preview pane. 

This is my new park (previously the gacha shop) at my store.  It is Fall there and will be in my corner of the world soon. 

Good luck and have fun!  


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