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Halloween Shop and Hop 2021

It's Shop and Hop time again!

The doors open at 9 AM. Get your comfy sneakers on. 

There are some really nice gifts as well as seasonal items (and some not so seasonal) for your perchasing pleasure. 

Official Info:

- 280 Second Life Content Creators are participating. (20 per region, 14 regions total)
- Creators will give a 20% or more discount on items and all of them will have a free (non-group) gift for shoppers.

- Event is open to the public from October 1st 9am PT to October 31st.

- Shop & Hop Flickr Group:

- 2021 Halloween Shop & Hop Destination Page: 

- 2021 Halloween Shop & Hop Official Blog Post with slurls to all stores:

Now to be fair, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I am not a fan of dancing skeletons and the orange-green-purple-black-white color palette. I am more the witchy, Poe, Day of the Dead kinda gal. The good news is that the Shop and Hop hosts some impressive builds -- some seemingly made for the event so extra thumbs up there).   Every now and then I would come to one of those, exhale loudly and say "thank you" in my head as I escaped for a minute from the cacophony of color.  

You of course YOU may REVEL in all that I do not LOL.   But, hey. My blog. I am going to show you the things that impressed me most and that "I" loved.  That's only fair.  

Now I didn't pick up gifts from all the shops. My thinking was that if there was nothing in the shop that fit my style, it was very likely that the gift would not either.  Not a logic you could prove, but sensible anyway. I gathered things from the shops I knew and have purchased from in the past as well as some stores new to me that had items that looked well-made and creative.  I would say that most of the stores were new to me --so plenty of opportunities for discovery. 

Not all brands offered gifts so if you can't find one that is likely why. Many though have HUGE signs pointing to their free items -- some with vendor photos showing the item; that I really appreciate. 

Now I have lots more items in my "Halloween Shop and Hop" folder so you can expect additional pictures in the upcoming days.  For now I will leave you with a wish for ---

Good Shopping. 


UNA. Pumkin Jersey  maitreya orange
::C'est la vie !:: Starry Tights - Black (BOM)
lassitude & ennui Ouija earring gold - left
PIXEL BOX - Pendulum Crystal stone Halloween edition
KUNGLERS - Peyton ring R
:::c*C*c:::Witch Hat (:::c*C*c::: IS the store name :D)

MadPea Poison Apple Bucket
Ceridwens Cauldron  [CC] Deep One, Sittting Decor- Black  S&H EXCLUSIVE (also one to hold)

Hair: *barberyumyum*S15(03) (unrigged/click.resize)


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