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A DRD Adventure

If you love a good mystery and enjoy solving puzzles you'll want to journey over to Dead Row Designs new experience, Nightmare at Elm Creek. This impressive installation is packed full of details and has obviously been a labor of love.  Now having tried the DRD hunts in the past I was pretty sure my detective skill level wasn't up to the task, but I was also certain that I wanted to see what this adventure was all about.    

Pick up your own very spiffy backpack  from the pile at the entrance, wander over to the picnic tables and search for some gear that will come in handy down the road and then venture inside the big building to find a board with character info. 

Pick up your first gift in this building (mine never arrived presumably because of lag) and explore the place a bit. There are plenty of things to click on with some telling you now is not the time for this clue.  Then head outside to start your trek. 

Enjoy the hike at night for extra spookiness or adjust the lighting as needed for reading the details. And details do abound. 

official poster

You can find the official webpage with lots of info and a tutorial here.   The installation will remain though most of December - at least and will be added to as time goes on. The sim is fairly full and lag is an issue so leave your pets and animesh at home. Be sure and wear sturdy shoes.

It is so good to see a return to our SL roots.  A big thumbs up from this peanut gallery. 

Poses by: Helamiyo and coffee


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