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Yonge & Bloor Showcase

Are there thoughts of redecorating in your future?  Some of you are changing your décor daily I suspect!  

Whether it is an adding to project or a complete overhaul  Yonge & Bloor may have something you need.  

This new to me shop has items we don't see everyday and that is a joy. With careful attention to texturing details and outstanding LODs (really I was smiling a lot) their items can be used and seen by most folks. Land impacts are reasonable. 

This is the complete Y&B Avenue and Englington set which includes couch,  nesting coffee table, side table, shelf and wall mirror.  The close up lead photo lets you easily see the textures of the vase and candle as well as the sofa.  The side table  which could easily act as a stand for sculptures has a texture change menu.    

"My" favorite piece of the set is the nesting coffee table! The lower part slides away when not needed. So cute. Obviously it won't be good to LEAVE items on the pullout :D.  Maybe something "physical" that would drop when the table slides in? There's a thought. 

Accent pieces here include:

Compulsion Plant 4
Compulsion Plant 11

Then and Now - Le Jardin des Tuileries - NOW gift (available at ARTSCAPE)
Abandoned Gift (available at ARTSCAPE)

Backdrop: MINIMAL - September Group Gift 2020 


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