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Second Life Shop and Hop - Halloween 2022

What's new at this years October shopping event? Plenty. There are lots and lots of new vendors -- both new to the event and new to me (and likely you).   There are some very creative and gorgeous displays.  

Prices are discounted at least 20 percent with some brands choosing the more bargain 50 percentage. Since I didn't apply to be in the event I am not sure if each shop is supposed to have a gift. There were many that "seemed" to be gift free as well as  some who had nice looking gift boxes out but the gifts were missing during the soft opening day.  

The sims for the most part seem to be grouped by type of products. I started at Golden - one of the first Shop and Hop regions way back when. That had plenty of male garments.  I worked my way down the East side through décor and a bit of furniture.  Other items are of course sprinkled in, but it is likely that you will find more things to your liking in some regions than in others. Most clothing is in the Northwest corner and top row :D. 

My methodology this round was to visit ALL the shops, picking up the gifts that were of interest to me and hopefully to you.  I bypassed all EvoX presents, gestures, eyes, shapes, tattoos and things that were supper dupper cutsie. Obviously MY greatest gifts list may differ from yours so visiting the venue during its long round may be the way to go. For those of you that are lazy, I will be posting my favorites over time.  There are just too many gifts of interest as well as items to purchase and gift cards to cover in one post. 

It has been a VERY full day and I still have  more sims and many boxes to unpack, so stay tuned.


A good place to start off your travels would be the deviousMind booth.  This gorgeous dress comes in striking and appropriate for the season black as well as some lovely spring prints in various hues. Lara only.   The corset and skeleton bits are separate from the dresses and optional.

Mt hairdo is a lovely gift from Sintiklia - Tsveta . It comes with a small color hud and includes a tint adding option.  

My rose accessory is from AnaSTyle

The Hayabusa Design - Red and Black Bush N4 Gift  comes in both high and low LODs so it should fill many needs.    

The posts will all be tagged so you can sort for current Hop and Shop posts easily as the month continues.  

Poses by: aDORKable


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