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The Liaison Collaborative has been around almost a decade.   I was there when it opened and had several designers taking part.  Here is a fun post from that first year. 

The designs changed over the years and recently the ownership followed suit.  Historically speaking in SL terms that passing of the gauntlet doesn't work out that well, but this time it is a whole new ballgame.

The new sim seems to have been  created by Dandy Warhlol and it is stunning. 

This is a 30K region and it is packed full of goodness. So much to see. So many avenues to explore.  With all that beauty come a price tag of course. My framerates were fine but I don't have a typical computer. So turning off "people" and enjoying the sim empty might be the best option for many of you.

Aside from the beauty and creativity of the sim I am very happy to see a budding interest in the return of the shopping EXPERIENCE, the time when the venue was just as important or more than the products being sold.  The new event has been rebranded as the TLC Event.   

This appears to be a sales event - at least in part.  So bargain shoppers should be happy. 


Bannod said…
I would prefer it if shopping venues had less decor and landscaping. I go there for the products, not to sightsee, and I always derender and block any trees I see. Maybe I'm not the typical shopper, but it would suit me fine if everything was just displayed in plain boxes, like Kustom9. My goal is go get what I want and get out, as quickly as possible.

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