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Halloween in Black and White

Crypt Crawl is open with a big and mostly spooky hunt. Wander the dark and dangerous grounds to find books filled with goodness.  I am guessing there are about a hundred books in all.  Many are tattoos and makeup and eyes. There are a few H and G prop type items and some clothing. Most is themed; some not.  These are my picks from the hunt.


Normandy-Recover.Panties-CC[Maitreya] (other fits in the pack)

[NK*] Virtual Angel "Demon" Earring  (other tones in the pack - these sway gently :D
Lolapop! - Corvus (purple) (mask tattoo)
Diaboli Design - Satsujin Knife

Hair: Stealthic - Clarity (S Breast)

HAUNT - Sinner's Marquee
[CIRCA] - "Thornhill" Slumped Ground Skeleton & Candles -Violet

Pose by: Helamiyo and the animated knife


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