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OMEN at Next Up

So pretty, like a fairy princess --

Out at the new NextUP event, SPOOKtacular the OMEN set from !dM deviousMind.  Many colors to choose from, the set also includes a headpiece and strapped footwear. Lara only. 

I especially like the overskirt. 

If you are a fan of the gacha replacement machines, then you have likely been to a NextUP event.  I have to say that I was oh so pleasantly surprised with this October venue and I hope this new spread out style much like the predecessor Gimme Gacha events are the new norm.  There is plenty of strolling to be done here but it is a much more pleasant shopping experience.  Each vendor has plenty of space for their three machines (tripling your chances of getting what you want) as well as some examples of any mesh work evolved.  That let's you test the LODs a bit. 

I will say that I would REALLY like the event owners to upload the main vendor mesh in the machines at a better LOD as it fall apart greatly from a short distance at LOD2.  The sim is designed well and simply though so many of you could up your LOD setting to make camming more enjoyable. Or again, there is that strolling possibility :D.

Poses by: Verocity 


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