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ADVENT on the Horizon

It is almost time for ADVENT to begin.  Get your warm clothes and comfy boots ready to explore and gather. 

Only one list is out so far and that is at  It has quite a bit of info about each gift gathering spot so I would look there first.  

Seraphim is making a list but it is a very composite one and honestly they didn't ask the right questions in my mind so look there but be prepared to be a bit confused. 

FabFree also typically has a list and there is a link for one on the home page. It just isn't up yet.

And there are a good number of stores that I know about that will probably not show up on the lists, so I will mention those when the time comes.  

My adventures out will be modest this year. My schedule is fairly busy and I really don't need much. I also didn't see many H and G folks listed -- so far anyway.   But I suspect that there will be plenty to write about. Hoping so anyway.

My photo is from my 12 Days Advent at ARTSCAPE. Obviously not the time now and that is a bit worrisome for the Seraphim list as there were no dates asked for or much info at all really. But I put a big sign out and hopefully people will "get it" and come back mid month. 


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