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Must Have Dining

Amidst the multitude of weekend sales, Uber opened its November round.  One of the H and G highlights is a very classy modern dining set from Bazar.  I really don't have a need for a dining set at the moment although this one is tempting, but happily the creator is selling bits and pieces of the release as well as the fatpack.   This impressive place setting is 1 li for the empty set and 1 li for food rezzed. 

And boy are there a LOT of choices for each course of the meal.  Since I have been dieting for over a year (with an impressive but also embarrassing amount of poundage in the forgotten category) I have to admit that I would be happy eating most any of the offerings.  Well maybe not the whole fish but even then the presentation is first class.  This is a VERY good cook or restaurant we are dining at here.    LODs are impressively good and this is all really quite amazing.  So if this is your style get over to Uber. The price is beyond reasonable also!

just one of MANY panes of choices for both food and drink.

And yes, I WILL show you the whole dining set --


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