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Waiting for the Clouds to Clear

You know this is an "editorial" because I made my screenshot arty :D.

My pose is from Seetra from 25T yesterday.  I hardly ever buy poses these days having hundreds of personally filtered (to weed out those that just don't work for me) in my inventory. Plus of course there are the  ones I have made.

This pose though reminded me of the olden days. A similar pose and also an animated version was just about it for ground sits on pillows and such. I suspect it was free as it was everywhere. Who knows how good it was; I have lost it along the way or deleted it because of age. Still it was what we had and we were happy with it.  

And that appears to be part of my dilemma these days. We seem to have lost something the last few years. Be it COVID or wars or recessions or changes in the platform -- something seems to be missing. I don't know if everyone is feeling this but I certainly am.  

Checking the venues used to be part of my everyday process. Now I hardly care as it is VERY rarely that I find something to show you. 25 Tuesday used to  be great but again, not much these days and it is super exciting to find something to share.   So tis a dilemma. 

I know that I have been blogging almost daily for well over a decade and I suspect as December comes around that may return, but in the meantime if the front page has the same post don't worry. I am doing well. I just can't seem to find much to feature in our current climate. 


This won't be a very popular opinion, but SL's fashion sense in the past few years has skewed heavily into cartoonish proportions and ever skimpier designs (for both male and female avis). I can't even look at Seraphim posts any more because 90% of the clothing caters to that aesthetic. I just saw the posts for #biggirl and Inithium events, and a huge percentage of the clothes are just not for me. This is why I'm cutting back on my shopping. I'd be willing to try a larger body than Maitreya if someone would just make high quality, normal clothing for it and not just club wear and babygirl wear.
Bannod said…
There's so much 'ho-wear' these days, it seems. I like tasteful classy clothes and those are so hard to find. There are only 3 designers I can count on to release clothes I'd be seen in, in RL. There are other stores that release cute things, but in the the same patterns and colors they've been using for the last 3 years. I find myself shopping my inventory more and more these days.

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