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Holiday Shopping for the Weekend

Halloween is over. Thanksgiving only happens for some of us and for others it is over too :D.  So it might be time to start thinking about holiday decor.     Two sale items caught my eye this weekend. 

The Dining Room Holiday Decor from Nutmeg will fit into many décor schemes.  It is oversized in the display so if good LODs is part of your criteria you can derender the store walls and a couple of signs to see how much will be viewable for your use. Very pretty and with a reasonable triangle count it will be a winner for some. 

This Noveny - Christmas Shelf Tree - Wood (Decorated) comes also in a darker woodgrain. An empty tree is included in the pack.  It has "see it across the sim" LODs so you could even use it outside in a display.  It is 8 li decorated at default 1.66 meters high. It can be linked to a high server object to get that LI bonus.  Reducing or enlarging size WILL change the land impact.   Very festive!

Happy holiday shopping.  


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