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First Snow

We had our first snow of the year yesterday. We sometimes never get snow so the white flakes coming down were unexpected.  The holiday season is on its way. 

I have been working on a wintry gift area for Advent. Since my Advent calendar died (I am guessing it was the last names and avatar key scripting thing) I am only doing a 12 Days event. It will be art and not furnishings. Easier for me and where my focus is these days anyway.  By accident I found my old Christmas Tree lot which has been with us through oh so many Decembers. It has a place in the build and fittingly so.  

I'm not planning on checking all that many calendars this year -- and honestly who knows how many there will be. But I will report on any great finds, of course!

And speaking of great finds --- I took my alt over to The Free Dove looking for leggings to go with a new outfit "she" is working on.  She found some great things, just not the leggings that will work with the jacket and the boots -- you know the drill.

MEANWHILE this super cute shirt and jacket can be found at The Free Dove. It comes with some equally cute shorts. It's just tooooo cold for me to wear them in any comfortable manner.  In order to pick these up you need to have your NAME and TAG both visible with group showing. Some boxes will deliver without all that, others not.   Group is of course free. I suggest turning off announcements though as there are TONS.  

Unless you are a VERY brave gal you will need a bra or cami or whatever to cover up those NSFW areas :D.  Look for the .::E.D.D.A::. Sofia set. It isn't far from the stairs entrance and on your left.  

Other Credits:

#EMPIRE - Legging
{ViSion} // Top (gift from SL17B)

lock&tuft - sierra

Pose by: Pose It


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