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Musings and Wanderings

Nothing much to report today.   

Oh wait. There was the very naked man with purchased appendages in my yard this morning. THAT hasn't happened in awhile.  I guess some things never change.  I didn't even bother to eject him; I just left after telling him I wasn't interested.  I guess some things never change or cycles repeat (chuckle).  Oh and he told me I lost 100,000 lindens. So it's good to know I guess that I am worth something.   Hmmmmm.

Meanwhile I have been traveling some, taking photos for paintings and such.  This is Tempelhof, a somewhat down on its luck village.   It is a beautifully designed place with plenty of detail. But don't bother coming unless you are very patient or want to wait quite awhile before moving.  Yep, a 30K sim and when I say packed with goodness, it really is. With my hefty machine my fps is 10 (down later to 7) where it is 128 on my sim :D.    

The attention to detail is often miraculous as seen here in a small roadside photo studio.

Wandering the streets and clicking on mailboxes will give you info on rentals.

This cute upstairs apartment (apparently with patio) is 300 lindens a week for 90 land impact. You need to stay in theme which is post WWII and seemingly from the land tab in Europe - Germany I think.  $500 lindens per week will get you 150 land impact and a much larger building.   

This is an ADULT sim with role play and multiuse. But you might want to read the land tab before journeying around too much. I entered a human trafficing area ^^ which was OK because I was the only one in the sim:D.

If you are looking for a place to test your hot new computer, this is it. The content creator in me shivered at times but the artist part was in heaven. 

POSTSCRIPT:  I ended up with some major viewer problems when I went back to my sim. So a warning there. Hopefully they will rectify. I may need to reinstall or do a restore backup.   


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