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Fatpacks - Good or Bad for Business

Sway's Piggy Bank [Oink] white

Uber opened as I write this. Not sure when this post will come out as there is lots in the queue and I am simply musing.  

There were quite a few clothing items this round that were different.  I say that with awe as these days I pretty much see the same items (original mesh or not they are so similar they could be templates) over and over in different tints shades and hues -- not even prints.  In part that is why there are fewer clothing posts here on the blog.  This time though there were some things to check on in person.

I got into a cam sim right away on the first click which says something about the  diminished attendance at events these days.  Fewer avatars, many more events, finite disposable income -- it's a given. 

I perused and picked up a demo of a "really really me" item.  Back home I tried it on and yes, super cute; loved it. Well I loved the bottoms, the top I would have deleted.  OK. That's fine. A bit of a waste but hey. By the time I got back over to the event the demo which had plenty of floating text all around also had reverted to a solid color; (OK this is good; at least I wasn't naked).    Finding the booth again I went to buy just the pants.  

Not an option. Well then, just something in neutral colors? Not an option.  A fatpack of just the bottoms? Not an option.    In fact I would need to spend almost 1200 lindens to get the one pair of bottoms that I wanted.  

I left.     

I would have spent 350 or so for one color of bottoms.  Now the creator has lost my money.  At the same time there are likely folks that will spend that much money because "they simply must have it".  So maybe it works as a marketing tool.   

I rarely buy fatpacks unless they are of the bargain 250 for a huge hud type. The last one I bought was at least two years ago in the winter. Some sweaters at FaMESHed.  And those gave you the option of buying the sweaters singly.  I think I paid around 700 and wear them often. The single sweaters were around 250 if memory serves.  I sell fatpacks but only as an OPTION. Singles are available also (not counting the retired gachas) and the fatpacks are discounted. This makes sense to me.  Not giving folks a choice just doesn't.   

So I am very sad that I can't show you something that I truly liked. That's the way it goes. 

We make choices.       


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