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For the Love of Books

Now I have to admit that these days I read on my notebook not curled up in bed with tea at hand. Well, the tea is still at hand, but not as cozy.  Still I love to decorate with books and if that describes you too -- then this post is for you. 

This is the Dirty Rat Library -- a cylindric  fully enclosed skybox with door and platform.  I couldn't get inside because of the teleport settings on the sim, but cam artist as I am you can see how impressive this build is.

It is a long way down and a long way up.  I am not sure what you would use this for. It has a bit of a Harry Potter vibe for me and would be a great entry skybox for a role play sim.  

Now I bet you are wondering how I managed to take that lead photo if I couldn't get inside.  Do I have a surprise for you!

You can find this 4 land impact finely detailed bookcase with great LODs (chuckle) as a gift at the Dirty Rat booth.  this is the actual size -- hence my pose for relationship.  Downsized to "people size" it is 3.  

Call me super impressed. 

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Poses by:  SEMotion


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