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Remember When?

Some of you may have noted another REALLY OLD post showing up as most read.  I am guessing it had something to do with Prism Events and the new venue coming up. Yes, more. What Can I Say?. Maybe someone found that blog post while searching as Google does love me, thought it funny and then posted on Discord or whatever.  

ANYWAY, that got me thinking and this errant post is an opportunity (that often happens when you look closely enough at a problem).  A few years back I did a series of posts (Here? Forums? Not sure.) about remembering the olden days.  I suspect a good number of my readers are up there in SL years -- some older than I.  Honestly I get a kick out of how horrible we looked back then. But you know what? We thought we looked GREAT == and we had a super fun time.   

So let's go back to the good ol bad ol days and see what we can remember.  

August 2008 posterized

I knew that there would be a swimsuit somewhere in August of 2008.  As I scrolled through less exciting shots names like Sn@tch and Alba Dream Fashion popped out. Sn@tch has apparently exited. All attempts at teleport links give me "no longer there" messages.  It was one of my go to freebie places as a newbie. ADF is still around and had an Advent this December. So thumbs up there for longevity. 

2008 was a time before Windlight and before mesh -- even before sculpts perhaps; not sure about those shoes.  NOPE    Google tells me they were introduced in 2007 so shoes are likely sculpts.  

As I was checking out when sculpts came in I found the screenshot in the SL wiki on sculpts. This was made by Chip Midnight, a really old timer -- no longer listed in search. I still have some  of Chip's poses that I use often. Very talented in many ways. 

Chip Midnight 2007

 I was very pale back then, later to become either very tan of a woman of color (either worked for me). 

You can read the post here.  Click on the oh so tiny pictures to get larger ones. It WAS almost fifteen years ago and our internet speeds were SLOW.

I look forward to showing you a few old fond memories from the past now and then. We might have been funny looking but we sure had fun.  And it will be good to remember that. 


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