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Twelve Years

Designer Showcase celebrates twelve years this round; that's a lot o fashion over the years.  Gifts can be found in most booths, often with a picture of the present and sometimes tiny and hard to find :D.   This is primarily a template fashion event, but these days a lot of "original mesh" designation has disappeared from events and honestly I saw a lot of cute things there.   There are some shoes I think Moonlight might like.  Many gifts are in older sizes but Maitreya was well supplied along with Legacy now and then.  More sizes can be seen in the items for sale.    The venue is a small one and shopping is easy.  Here were a couple of my favorite gifts.

 zOOm---Annie-Gift-Dress  (features new mesh body sizes)
I.M. Collection Babbles purse

Pose by: Helamiyo


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