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Remember When? Horizons

I have nothing new to report on so we are going back in time.   

Tis 2016 with the opening of Horizons.  Now I wanted to dedicate a post to Bay City which was the first of the double prim  areas from The Lab, but alas I apparently didn't post about it back in 2008.  

Horizons in its inception was meant to be a futuristically themed continent.  Since there were no real rules and certainly no policing -- well, it didn't turn out that way.  It did seemingly make The Lab a lot of money as the 1024 lots sold for OMG prices.  Even today the prices are ridiculously astronomical for what you get. Of course SETTING a price and getting a lot sold are two very different things. 

But I remember going over and trying out the house choices. They were very much like Belli houses that could be added to the lot (or not) depenging on the owner's whim.  Some of the builds were quite nice for the times and some pretty awful.  Again, they weren't really used. 

Traditionally this has been a good place to RENT as the prices have tended to be much lower than other SL areas -- maybe because the lot "could" be sold at any time.  The Horizon's game area also unveiled at that time.  I zipped over as I wrote this. All the gaming sims were empty.  The game was never embraced for a variety of reasons. I am not sure WHY those sims are still there. Hmmmmmm.  

So some things worked and others did not. Tis a frequently heard tale.  

Anyway it was fun to remember that day. 

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