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Feathers and Pearls

And of COURSE there are peacocks! 

You can find a plethora of pastels in this new !dM deviousMind "Paravani" set. And if dark tones are your pleasure there is one of those also!   

Exquisite  is the first word that comes close to describing the details in this outfit. If you are a brave gal you can wear this burlesque attire without the tail, but I warn you that there IS NO back :D.   And if you are going to prance around (in public are just admiring yourself)  -- then this is the outfit.  

The peacocks are in the Next Up machine also and they are impressive.  They would look lovely in a fantasy or classical world setting.   

Next Up has had a facelift and the hard to shop at vendors have been replaced by ones you can see without getting two meters away (a BIG plus in my book).  I also noted that there are gift boxes out.  There is a group join fee of 99 lindens but letting you guys know if you are interested. 

Stealthic - Clarity

FOXCITY. Photo Booth - The Lux (With projectors) (Rez) 

Poses by: Eternal Dream


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