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Small Town USA

Late afternoon in a small town on the edge of nowhere.  Shops are closing; the bus is due any time now -- or maybe not so much.  It will get here and in the meantime there is still sun and the bright colors of hardy flowers to keep me company.

Two new current releases from Serenity Style help you capture the quiet atmosphere beyond the hussle and bustle. It's good to just breathe now and then.

Serenity Style- Classical Stores FATPACK (florist, antiques, bookstore and tailors)  Uber.  Buildings are also available separately. These are FACADES (filler buildings) not shops.  25 LI each

Serenity Style- Rural Bus Stop Shelter  (main store - Farmer's Market)  15 li

Serenity Style-Gio Vintage Car RARE
Nutmeg. Noel Gift Boxes Group Gift (nla)
Nutmeg. Cafe Entrance Newspaper
Chic Buildings [Cb] City Sidewalk Set -
Yugen.// young linden
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]


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