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What Can You Do With Five LI - 10 Linden rentals

This was just so INTERESTING I couldn't pass it up.  Need a spot for your alt or are you REALLY BROKE (been there long long ago)?  This skybox which is new with lovely  textures is only 10 linden a week.  You get 5 land impact to decorate.  It IS decorated but I am thinking that the prims used may count against your land impact OR this is just an example and the place is empty.  It is two stories with a nice bedroom up the stairs. 

LATER EDIT:  I found out that you CAN sit on the furniture (adult) but you have to "wake it up" somehow.  Nothing I have come in contact with. And you DO get five of your own land impact to use. By linking some items you can likely get even more usable décor.  So an even better deal than I thought. 

The living room set is pretty interesting too. It is one land impact. Of course (well yep) you can't SIT on it but it does fill a big spot.  There is a bed upstairs also and some artwork.  

There are other inexpensive skyboxes with a few more prims.  My alts are for the most part on hiatus these days so they don't need a place to hang out.  

NOTE:  I wrote this in a hurry and use the long time "prim" word to MEAN the newer "land impact" so hopefully I rectified that in the text. Old folks still call land impact PRIMS sometimes and REGIONS  sims :D

Pose by: Helamiyo


Leora Greenwood said…
Who makes that great 1LI living room set? Is it Dekute Dekor?
Chic Aeon said…
No clue but it appears to be OLD. You can go check it out at the demo and see. Right click to get a menu with maker.

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