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Comfort Food

In truth this post has nothing to do with food. Well, there are some squash growing (unseasonably) in the garden above, but really -- food is not the theme.

I seem to be in philosophical mode this eve, but let's get to the important stuff first.

* MINA Tabita hair for The Dressing Room - two huds to choose from, Ombres 1.0 and Essentials
* New fun Graphic Tanks from CARGO in various prints and colorpacks.
* Super cute lovebirds garden stake from Sway's on Fifty Linden Friday.  A birdbath is also available.

Fitting RIGHT in with my color scheme (nope, I did not plan that)  puzzle sets (both in the box and out for puzzling) from Second Spaces on a Fifty Linden Friday deal.  Immensely fun!

And NOW the philosophy.

Dressed and in the garden I found myself extremely grateful that I have LEA7 for all my photo shoot needs. Knowing where all the locales are helps of course, but there is almost always an appropriate backdrop. This makes my very busy these days life easy. There IS that "never gets out" thing to contend with but I am going to ignore that.

The other thought that crossed my mind as I was attempting to do a quick post (didn't actually turn out that way, but hey) was that there are only a handful of poses that I know by name. Now, many of my poses are in sets and have numbers - so there is that. The ones I remember are mostly all old (very) and no longer available. Most are from Long Awkward Pose, some from Vain; both VERY vintage.

Now not all of those poses are perfect. There are some glitches here and there. Still they have a history; it is my history. I remember getting them (often in hunts); I remember using them in my early out of the pod days. There is a nostalgia there and I doubt I will ever give them up.

Pose Fair is on the horizon next month. I signed up as a blogger but you never know if you will be accepted. And contrary to what some believe I do NOT get into everything I apply for *wink*. But either way I will still journey over. I have made poses in the past and still do on another grid. I appreciate the work it involves; I enjoy the process of making as well as using. We can't be very photogenic with our default stances. Oh my! That would be really, really bad.

So hats off to the gals and guys that help us tell our story.

Have a great Friday!

Pose by: LAP (nla)


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