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New on the 25 for 25

I headed out this morning to check the upcoming offerings on the 25 for 25 Hunt for March. Now don't go forth yet as it doesn't open until the 5th. There were many new stores in the lineup and some really fun items this round. I had plans to do a few posts based on themes.

Then I decided I better check out what Monday's Meme was about and it is "new to me". So -- that works. These are mostly new to me designers. This post's theme is color and fantasy.

First up a Hippie set from Shanti. It comes with these cute star leggings as well as some BIG GoGo boots. This is a Boho and gypsy themed shop.

Now honestly I wasn't going to feature these boots. They are nice boots and I love that one is black and one is white. But they are in that BIG BOOT genre that I shy away from.

As part of the Monday Meme, I am blogging what I normally wouldn't feature; and who knows some of you might think the boots are the best part of the outfit!

I love these bunny path lights from meadowWorks!  The lamps are touch on and off. Each bunny is a prize so if you don't want them both (you know they'll get lonely by themselves) you need to note which one you will be buying :D.

Now my last entry in this Fantasy and Color  25 post is from a designer I have featured often over the years. So I am veering away a bit from the Meme directive. Still it fits well within the other theme, so it is sticking.

This is the Spyralle Archaea Necklace in purple and gold. It comes with and without materials.

Remember the hunt starts on the 5th. And those of you that like the darker side of fantasy, fear not. More pretty pictures with other items from this hunt on the way soon.


And now a few thoughts on the meme.

Long, LONG ago, Achariya Maktoum (who as I check her profile seems to be "back" in the blogging game; I am so out of the loop these days) put out a similar call to bloggers asking them to break out of their comfort zone.

Back then (at least four years ago and likely five) the blogger roll lists were much shorter -- as you might imagine. A few lucky folks like Acha had review copies coming in but it was not like it is now. Bloggers pretty much had to do their own legwork. Hunts, fashion groups, walking the streets (in a fashion sense you understand) was part of the game -- and indeed the purpose.

Now many of the well established bloggers have a full plate of folks that they blog for. My personal list includes a lot of event groups which I love as I get the "newness" along with the ease.

I usually post once a day so that there is always something new for my regular readers. I am a pretty eclectic blogger; I blog what I like first and then what I think readers will like. Most of the time those are one in the same. I am very pleased to feature the brands I do. They picked me; I picked them. It is a mutual admiration society.

Hair by Vanity Hair: Girls On Film 2 Rigged

Poses by: aDORKable and Pffiou (nla)


infpgrrl said…
Thanks so much for the blog! ;)
-Arielle of Shanti Bohemian
That last headshot of you is absolutely gorgeous, nicely done! I also agree with what you said in the last paragraph, I blog what I like first. This is probably also why I usually look the same or blog the same styles and wear a lot of the same designers, just my preference. But it is nice to break out and do something different from time to time.
Auntykuro said…
Hey there! I linked to you and talked about your post here:
Anonymous said…
I got the bunnies! Love em'and thanks so much for the blog.


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