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Skin Fair 2014 - First Look

Sunny by Tuli - Skin Fair 2014 Special - Sim 1
Raw Shot

Skin Fair opens in a few days. I have been over at the blogger preview for the last few hours. While there are plenty of folks not set up yet (always, always) there is still plenty to see. And, many of the late to the party folks DO have the main photo of their Skin Fair release out. So we at least get teased.

I am parking myself in Sim 2 and will see what has changed over night.

The build is sleek, minimalist and grayscale -- all things I love. There is enough difference in the shop shapes so that you don't feel that your are in cookie cutter land. With only three sims and a simple layout, I still got lost. So keep your map handy.

If you are in the young girl skin camp you will definitely be in a heavenly state. Many very nice skins from kids to young adults. There are specialty skins and make up. I even spied one shape shop I think. Most stores have gone with the "this is my new release" marketing model and have plenty of open space and some nice decor items.

This is one of my favorite skins of the fair. It comes both as Knight Templar (did you get that?) as well as sans cross billed as Knight. I love it. While this appears to be aimed toward fellows, I think it has great possibilities as androgyne skin.

Later note: I tried the demo and while it didn't fit my face it would have definitely been a show stopper if it had. So gals, don't necessarily pass this up. 

This is simply spectacular! I can remember when I was young there were no choices at all for "older folks" aside from one oriental old man with a great face but fairly unfinished body. We have come a long way.

There is plenty of chatter on the blogger group about mesh heads and the like. I lived with a mesh head for awhile on another platform and I pretty much like my "individuality" such as it is. So I didn't try any on.

I want to warn you early that script limits will be in force for the fair. So get your scriptless outfit together so you don't have to deprim on arrival.

More for sure as we get closer to opening time.

Pose by: aDORKable


Unknown said…
Your post is beautiful. Very aesthetically pleasing. Gentianpoet Galtier.
Nissa said…
you picked the two skins that really caught my eye too! Makes me think seriously again about reviving my m-alt :)

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