Paradise Lost SL

Unveiled to the press at the end of the month with two premiers April 5th and 6th; tickets will be available at this Marketplace link.

A gorgeous venue, admission price include costumes (mandatory) for the audience. Devil or angel? Hmmmmm. It will definitely be something special.

I will be reporting of course, telling tales with pretty pictures. There is also a hunt and I promise to let you know when "I" know.

  • Adam
  • Eve
  • Sin

  • Satan
  • Lust
  • The Serpent
  • Archangel Michael

14 Scenes
43 Roles
8 players
55 minutes

3 months to produce
±600 hours in development

a production budget of a quarter of a million linden dollars

Other interesting bits of info found in the press kit tell me that 50% of all tickets, tips, donations and sponsorships will go to help fund the adoption of Ihoho, a baby Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda, through the WWF Adopt-a-Gorilla Program.

Show times will be 1200 and 1300 SLT (noon and one); many performances are planned. Read more about the ticketing system and requirements here.