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Spring Cleaning

The storm has passed. It is early morn. Much to do, but times of reflection are also important. A small break in a long day makes all the difference.

{what next} has some great items out at The Arcade. I almost missed them as they went astray as things sometimes do. Then I saw an Arcade resale area with some of the rare items and it was a lightbulb moment. A little research and I found them. Yeah.

There are plenty of sprucing up items including rare vacuum cleaners in pastel colors. One of my personal favorites is this ladder. It comes with three animations, one being a window washing exercise complete with squeegee.

The clothesline prop is a perfect accompaniment to my very vintage hand wringer washer on the nearby deck. This comes in brighter colors also.

Another favorite of mine is the leaning broom which GIVES a choice of brooms (two sizes with and without sound).

The detailing is spectacular.

A sweeping animation is triggered when you wear the broom. Lots of fun!

All photos are now shown with materials on. If you see shadows you will be seeing any materials that are applied to the items. I won't always be able to tell *wink*.

And it's FRIDAY. This is the Bramley Rocker in natural. It has been living -- contentedly hopefully -- on the porch of my bayou shack for some time now. Beautifully made, you can pick up a white or blue version of this rocker for Fifty Linden Friday at {what next}. Sixteen pillow texture options as well as sans pillow.

Old and favorite still clothes, mostly no longer available. Boots by lassitude & ennui.

Poses by: the ladder, broom and rocker


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