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Darkness - 25 for 25

So many arty shots to choose from. The rule "go with the close up" won.

There is a more mysterious side to the 25 Hunt this month.

Shown here  ~Chimeric Fashions~ Celtic Stone Mask (Grey)

The Gothic Cross Casual Dress hales from Nightmare Designs. There is a pretty good chance that you have a similar dress in your closet so you will know if the fit works for you. The dress is actually a big set which includes tights, undies, bangles and BOOTS. Oh my! Hence it gets one of my "best value" gold stars.

Great boots!

Soooooo --- did you scroll down to find out where my new hair came from?  You KNOW I would tell you. Not a secret.

New out for We Love Roleplay Nanda from MINA Hair. So very cute and perfect for this outfit. It comes in busty or not so much styles -- with and without materials. I am wearing the without version for the flat gals *wink*.

Pose by: BeeHive


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