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Skin Fair 2014 - Maxwell

Aeros Avatar Maxwell - Sim 2 - Raw shot

It's all about choices.

This is the Aeros Avatar - Maxwell. An older gentleman or maybe rake -- who can say? He is both experienced and knows what he wants. Yep, I am smiling.

I showed you the vendor photo in a previous post. Happily I can show you my own photos now. I was mightily impressed and deservedly so. While I am not a guy, I have tried on my share of guy skins. And this is definitely the nicest I have found.

Along with the quality which I assume filters over to the other skins available from Aeros at skin fair (younger guys -- good looking but not my type *wink*) there are plenty of options. This is one of the shapes that comes with the set. The hair piece -- a skinny wrapped tail that would do well in many urban or role play stylings -- is a separate addition but there are texture hairbases included in the general pack.

Everything is subtle, not overdone and extremely realistic. These are all raw shots with just cropping. Three skin tones let you pick your personal comfort zone.  There is a choice of beard tattoos as well as texture eyes (I used my own simply because I forgot to switch).

I have plans for this fellow. I won't be changing genders you understand, but I am sure he will star in an upcoming film. How could I pass that by?

The Aeros shop is near the main landing point for Sim 2 so easy to find when the fair opens. 

And it just keeps getting better! 

Poses by: Diesel Works


Nissa said…
Well I think this turned out great! What a great character for a film :) I might mention for some of your readers who might be interested -- Aeros has skin appliers for slink parts, and for those male private parts (unfortunately, I can't remember the brand of those, but it's one of the more popular ones)
Chic Aeon said…
OMG appliers for male parts. I am SO out of it and SO really don't care - LOL. But ya made me smile.

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