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Steamy Stuff

I did a little hunting on the Steam IX Hunt which happily now sports a URL list on the website. Hints for various places are near the landing points via a gear with floating text. Not all hints make sense of course - LOL.

Here are a few picks.

From Destiny's Designs mesh outfits for gals and guys. These are very complete and very nice. Shoes, hats (one for the guys too) and luggage comes with. These are no copy items for the most part, so if you can I suggest picking up a second backup copy. The trunk at three land impact could easily be a decor piece. The ladies satchel is alas very primmy so no rezzing there.

We are outside of the small but very tasteful house from Dragon Magick Wares. With really great texturing, and low primness, it is a winner in my book.

This is a lovely and happily low prim dining set from Kismet .  Pieces come linked as well as separetly.

These chairs and trunk are NOT on the Steam Hunt, but they fit in very nicely. Find them from Trompe Loeil at COLLABOR88.

 The books and wall art are two pieces from a COMPLETE skybox (furnished) from Domicile on the Steam Hunt. Don't miss that.

And for you bargain hunters, there IS something free from Trompe Loeil for ya.

For those of you that social network, you can get this chair in exclusive version form by checking out the Trompe Loeil Facebook page. Info on that deal is here.

Poses by: BehaviorBody and the trunk


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